No. Lemma Meaning Part_Of_Speech Classification Gender Etymology DIL_Headword
1 (Roman numerals)
2 -(s)a· which, who ; who, which, whose pronoun_relative *sosin? (Schrijver Ériu 45. 178-9) ; *san ; 5 a ; n/a
3 .i. id est, it is
4 ? -
5 len.rel.particle leniting relative particle particle_relative *i̯o
6 nas.rel.particle nasalising relative particle particle_relative *i̯on
7 1sg.poss.pron. my pronoun_possessive *men, influenced by 2sg. 1 mo
8 2sg.poss.pron. your (sg.) pronoun_possessive *tou̯- 2 do
9 3pl.inf.pron. them pronoun_infixed *(de)-sūs n/a ; -da- ; 3 s
10 3pl.poss.pron. their pronoun_possessive *ei̯sōm 2 a
11 3sg.fem.inf.pron. her pronoun_infixed *sii̯an ; *(de)-san -s ; n/a ; -da- ; 3 s
12 3sg.fem.poss.pron. her pronoun_possessive *esi̯ās 2 a
13 3sg.fem.suf.pron. her pronoun_suffixed *sūs -us
14 3sg.masc./neut.poss.pron. his, its pronoun_possessive *esi̯o 2 a
15 3sg.masc.indp.pron. he, him, it pronoun_independent *esi̯o 1 é, hé ; 1 é
16 3sg.masc.inf.pron. him pronoun_infixed *(de)-en -d`- ; 10 a
17 3sg.neut.inf.pron. it pronoun_infixed *(de)-e -d`- ; 10 a ; 3 id ; -d- ; n/a
18 a 6 temporal: when ; since conjunction - *som 7 a ; 6 a
19 a 8 the definite_article *sen 1 in ; 8 a
20 ab (Lat) from, away from, out of; down from; since, after; by, at, in, on, etc. ; away from - -
21 Abae Loch Awe, W. Scotland proper_noun
22 aball apple-tree noun ā fem. *abalnā- aball
23 Abán 'small bishop' or 'small river'? proper_noun o masc. abb + -án? or aub + -án?
24 abb head of a monastery, abbot noun t masc. < Lat. abbas, abbatis ap ; 1 ap
25 abbās abbot
26 abbātissa abbess
27 Abél Abel proper_noun o masc. < Lat. Abel < Hebrew הֶבֶל
28 Aberte Perhaps Dunaverty in Kintyre, Scotland. proper_noun
29 Abnér Abner, 'father of light' proper_noun indecl. masc. < Lat. Abner < Hebrew אבנר
30 abrae 1 eyelashes, eyelids ; eyebrow (?), eyelash, eyelid noun nt masc. *abre/ant- 1 abra
31 abscondō to conceal, to cover
32 abundātiō overflowing, abundance
33 accendō to set on fire, to kindle
34 accipiō to take (possession), to accept
35 achad expanse of ground, pasture noun o masc. *akedo- achad
36 Achall Achall, Hill of Skryne near Tara proper_noun ā? fem.
37 acht 1 save, except, but ; except that, provided that, save that particle_focus - *ektos 1 acht ; 4 acht
38 ācriter sharply, strongly
39 ad (Lat) to, towards, up to, for ; to, towards - -
40 ad· 1 aspectual and lexicalized meanings particle_preverb *ad ; *ati ad-
41 ad·cí to see, to observe ; to see verb H2 *ad-ku̯ise-, prefect supplemented by *ad-kom-derk- ; *ad-ku̯is-, prefect supplemented by *ad-kom-derk-. In the narrative past, the form is co·n-accae, negative ní accae (GOI §536); the verb ro·cluinethar is the same: co·cúalae, ní cúalae. This pattern of having an extra ‘preverbal’ element in an independent form and not in the dependent is a similar to the pattern of those verbs discussed in GOI §543). ad-cí
42 ad·cota to get, to obtain, to receive ; to obtain verb H1 *ad-kom-tā-, prototonic *ad-in-tā- ; *en-(com-)tā- ad-cota
43 ad·guid to invoke sureties, to warrant with sureties verb S2 *ad-gu̯ed-i̯e/o- ad-guid
44 ad·rími to count, to enumerate, to reckon ; to count verb W2a *ad-rīmī- ad-rími
45 adaig night, eve of a day or festival noun ī fem. *ad-aku̯ī- 1 adaig ; adaig
46 addō to add, to bring to ; to add; to put, place, lay; to acquire; to bring to, annex, augment 3rd conj. -
47 adipiscor to reach, to arrive at
48 ádmar of great luck, fortunate, successful adjective o/ā *ādu-māro/ā- ádmar
49 adomnae great fear noun i̯ā fem. *ad-φoβn-i̯ā- adomnae
50 Adomnán 'small great-fear' proper_noun o masc. *ad-φoβn-agno-
51 aduentus arrival, coming
52 aduertō to turn to; ppp. aduersus: opposite, hostile
53 aduīsitō to visit
54 áe 5 unk. noun unk. unk. A deity name *Aisos?
55 áed fire ; “Flame, Fire” noun u masc. *ai̯du- áed
56 Áedacán 'small flame' proper_noun o masc. áed + -óc + -án
57 Áedán 'small fire' proper_noun o masc. *ai̯du-agno-
58 Áedgal 'fire-fury' proper_noun ā fem. *ai̯do-galā-
59 Áedgen 'fire-birth' proper_noun o masc. *ai̯du-geno-
60 aedificō to build, to erect
61 Áedlug 'fire-Lug' proper_noun u masc. *ai̯du-lugu-
62 Áedóc Hypocoristic form of Áed proper_noun indecl. masc.
63 Áedu 'fire-fighter'? proper_noun k masc. *ai̯du-u̯ik- or *ai̯d-ōk-?
64 Ælfwine 'elf-friend' proper_noun masc. *alba-weniz
65 Ælli proper_noun masc. or Ælla
66 aemulus rivaling, jealous
67 aequinoctium equinox neut -
68 aequus equal, even, just
69 āēr air masc/fem < Greek ᾱ̓ήρ
70 aestās summer
71 aetās lifetime, age fem -
72 Æþelbald 'noble-bold' proper_noun masc. *aþalja-baldaz
73 Æthelflæd 'noble beauty' proper_noun fem. *aþalja-? cf. German Unflat, etc.
74 Æthelfrith 'noble-peace' proper_noun masc. *aþalja-friþuz
75 Æthelstan 'noble-stone' proper_noun masc. *aþalja-stainaz
76 Æthelwulf 'noble-wolf' proper_noun masc. *aþalja-wulfaz
77 Afiath 'fondness, love' proper_noun fem. < Lat. affectus? prob. via British, MW Affeith?
78 Afraic Africa proper_noun ā fem. < Lat. āfrica Afraic
79 Āfrica (North) Africa
80 agad face, countenance, honour noun ā fem. agad, aiged
81 agō to do, to make, to conduct -
82 agōn contest, public games
83 Aiccidán 'small tenant'? proper_noun o masc. accaid + -án (<*-agno-)? or < Lat. Aquitanus?
84 aicclech ? preparing, readily against? adjective o/ā *ad-ku̯ei̯ll-āko/ā- ?
85 Aichthen? proper_noun o masc.
86 aicme race, family, tribe; genus, class noun i̯ā fem. aicme
87 Aidne 1 HDGP A-27: diocese of Kilmacduagh, b. Kiltartan c. Galway proper_noun i̯o unk. 1 aidne
88 aig ice noun i fem. *i̯egi- 1 aig
89 aige 1 driving, racing, celebrating festival verbal_noun i̯ā fem. *agi̯ā-, vn. of aigid 1 aige
90 aigid to drive, to impel, to celebrate, to prosecute verb S1c *ag-e/o-, fut.stem *φiφlā- aigid
91 Aigle District around Croagh Patrick (HDGP A-28) proper_noun i̯ā fem.
92 Aignecha Onom.: probably the name of a district in NE. of c. Louth, nr. Carlingford Lough proper_noun o masc. probably the same word as aignech 'swift'?
93 Aignert 'ice-strength' proper_noun o neut. *i̯egi-nerto-
94 ail 1 rock, boulder, foundation noun i fem. *φali- 1 ail
95 Ailbe 'stone-striking' proper_noun i̯o masc. *φali-bii̯o-
96 Ailbine the River Delvin proper_noun i̯ā? fem.
97 Ailbran 'stone-raven' proper_noun o masc. *φali-brano-
98 Ailbrenn ? 'stone-breasted one'? proper_noun o masc. thematised from Ail + brú?
99 Ailchú 'stone-hound' proper_noun n masc. *φali-kun-
100 Aildobor 'stone-dark' proper_noun o masc. *φali-dubro/ā-
101 aile 1 other, another ; other, else; second adjective_pronominal i̯o/i̯ā *ali̯o/i̯ā-, neut. *alno- ; *al-i̯o/i̯ā-, neut. *al-no-; It may be used as the ordinal numeral of dáu. 1 aile ; aile
102 ailech 1 pile of rocks, foundation noun ā fem. *φalikā- 1 ailech
103 ailech 4 pile of rocks, foundation? Ailech in Inis nEogain noun o masc. *φaliko- 1 ailech
104 Ailéine 'small rock' proper_noun i̯o masc. *φal-ign-i̯o-
105 ailén little rock, island noun o masc. *φal-igno- ailén
106 Ailenn Cnoc Ailinne, a seat of the King of Leinster proper_noun ā fem. Ailenn
107 Ailerán 'small fore-fighter'? proper_noun o masc. *φari-u̯ir-agno- or composed of airer 'coast' 'delight', etc.?
108 Ailgal 'stone-fury' proper_noun ā fem. *φali-galā-
109 Áilgenán 'small rock-birth' proper_noun o masc. *φali-gen-agno-
110 Ailgus 'stone-prowess' proper_noun u masc. *φali-gustu-
111 áilid to request, to demand verb W2a *ālī- áilid
112 Ailill 'sprite, elf' (Ó Corráin Irish Names 17) proper_noun i masc. *allilli- ? W. ellyll
113 ailither pilgrim noun o/i? masc. *ali̯o-tīro- or *-tero-? i-stem? ailithir
114 ailithre pilgrimage noun i̯ā fem. *ali̯o-tīr-i̯ā- ailithre
115 Ailmedar 'stone-speech' proper_noun ā fem.
116 Ailngned 'rock-wonder' proper_noun o masc. *φali-in-gnāto-
117 ailt 3 height, great noun unk. fem. From Lat. altitudo, Wortk. 172 a.? 3 ailt
118 ainb ignorant adjective i/d *an-u̯id- ainb
119 aindíaraid wrathful, angry, fierce; baleful, baneful adjective i aindíaraid
120 áindle hero, warrior? noun i̯o masc. áindle
121 áine brightness, brilliance, splendour ; delight noun i̯ā fem. *eφāni̯ā-? (LEIA A-72) 1 áine
122 Ainfchellach 'not a fidchell player' or 'ignorant-minded'? proper_noun o masc. *an-u̯id(u)-ku̯ei̯ll-āko/ā-
123 ainfthech disquieting adjective o/ā *an-u̯ei̯t-āko/ā-
124 aingel 1 angel noun o masc. < Lat. angelus 1 aingel
125 Ainmchaid 'noble name' proper_noun u masc. *anm(o)-kādi-?
126 Ainmuire 'blemish-leader'? proper_noun k masc. ainim + muire?
127 Ainséine 'small ignorant one' or 'small unfortunate one'? proper_noun i̯o masc. ainfhis + -éine? or ainsén + *-i̯o-?
128 Áinsemán 'small accusation' proper_noun o masc. *ad-nes-īmu- + -án
129 airard very high, prominent adjective o/ā *φari-ardu̯o/ā- airard
130 airbolg huge belly, big sack noun o masc. *φari-bolgo-
131 airchall some part of the door, post? noun ā fem. airchaill
132 airchinnech head, leader, superior; administrator (of ecclesiastical land, monastic estate) ; head, superior noun o masc. *φari-ku̯enn-īko-? (GOI 223) ; denominative (adjectival): < airchinn airchinnech
133 airde sign, token, portent, characteristic noun i̯o neut. *φari-u̯ei̯d-i̯o- 1 airde ; airde
134 aire 3 principal, chief; freeman, nobleman noun k masc. *φari-seku̯-? 3 aire
135 airechtach of an assembly? adjective o/ā *φari-seχt-āko/ā-? airechtach
136 airecul oratory, chamber noun o neut. < Lat. ōrāculum airecul
137 aired tilled land? noun o masc.? aired
138 Airéne Onom.: on the banks of the Dodder proper_noun i̯o masc.
139 airer 1 coast, shore, border region noun o neut. *φari-oro-? 1 airer
140 Airḟindán 'small very-fair person' proper_noun o masc. *φari-u̯ind-agno-
141 airḟolach concealment, ambush verbal_noun o neut. *φari-uφo-lou̯g-o- airḟolach
142 airgabál act of taking hold of, capturing, arrest, capture, captivity verbal_noun ā fem. vn ar·gaib (*ar-gabi-) ; *φari-gabaglā-, vn. of ar·gaib airgabál
143 airgalach combative, warlike adjective o/ā *φari-gal-āko/ā- airgalach
144 Airgamain a place between Clonmacnois and Durrow (HDGP A-105) proper_noun o? masc. *φari + gaimen 'hide'?
145 Airgíallnai the Airgialla proper_noun i̯ā fem. in pl., *φari-gei̯stl-ani̯īs
146 Airgus 'great-prowess' proper_noun u masc. *φari-gustu-
147 airlid ? one providing council, councilor noun i masc. *φari-l(ā)-eti-
148 airlise (enclosed) area outside a (domestic) enclosure noun i̯ā fem. *φari-φlits-i̯ā- airlise
149 Airlúachair 'east-marshes', Onom.: comprised SE. of Kerry (Lg. 45), with the adjoining parts of Limk. and Cork. proper_noun ī fem. *φari- + lúachair
150 Airmedach related to airmed 'a measure of grain'? adjective o/ā *φari-med-āko/ā-?
151 airnigde prayer, praying verbal_noun i̯ā fem. *φari-ni-gu̯ed-i̯ā-, vn. of ar·neget ; vn ar·neget (*air-ne-gudi-) airnigde
152 Airrendán 'small spear tip'? proper_noun o masc. *φari-rind-agno- ?
153 airros a high wooded promontory noun o masc. *φari-φro-sto-
154 airther front; east noun o neut. *φari-tero- airther
155 Airthir 'The Easterners', a people mostly in Co. Armagh, later in Orior. proper_noun o masc. in pl., *φari-teroi̯
156 airthraig fore-shore noun i masc./fem. *φari-trāgi-
157 Airthuile 'over-abundance' proper_noun i̯o neut. *φari-to-li-i̯o-
158 aithbe ebb, reflux (of sea); decline, decay; act of avenging ; ebb, decline, decay verbal_noun i̯o neut. *ate-bii̯o- ; vn. *ati-bi-i̯o- aithbe
159 aithechdae of the status of an aithech, hence rent-paying, tributary, vassal, gigantic, boorish adjective i̯o/i̯ā *ati-u̯i-āk-odi̯o/ā-? aithechdae
160 aitherrach act of repeating; repetition verbal_noun o neut. vn ad·eirrig (*ath(i)-ar-rig-) ; *ad-φari-reg-o-, vn. of ad·eirrig ; *ati-φari-reg-o-, vn. of ad·eirrig aitherrach
161 aithgein rebirth, regeneration; likeness, equivalent; analogy, comparison; restitution verbal_noun n neut. *ate-gen-en-, vn. of ad·gainethar aithgein
162 alaile other, the other ; other adjective_pronominal i̯o/i̯ā contracted from ala aile 'the other', < *ali̯o/i̯ā-, neut. *alno- ; grammaticalized compound: ala (unstressed form of aile) + aile alaile
163 Albu Alba, the island of Britain, later Scotland proper_noun n fem. *albi̯on- Albu
164 albus white, fair
165 Aldacán 'small dear Ald' proper_noun o masc. ald + -óc + -án
166 Aldán ? proper_noun o masc. ald +*-agno-?
167 Aldchú '?-hound'? proper_noun n masc. ald + cú < *kun-
168 Aldnia '?-champion'? proper_noun t masc. ald + nia < *nei̯t-
169 alius other, the other
170 allaid wild, undomesticated adjective i *alnati-? allaid
171 Allchellach '?-head-bright'? proper_noun o masc. ald + ku̯enno-lou̯ko/ā- ?
172 alligō to bind up. to fetter
173 allud fame, glory noun u masc. allud
174 Almu the Hill of Allen, Co. Kildare proper_noun n fem.? *alami̯on-? Almu
175 altae ? fostered, fosterling? adjective i̯o/i̯ā *al-ti̯o/i̯ā-? 4 alt, altae
176 alter the other -
177 alternātim alternatively
178 alumnus foster child
179 amail 1 as, like ; like, as preposition acc. dat. sg of samail < *samali- amail, amal
180 Amairgen 'lament-birth' proper_noun o masc. amar + -gen < *geno-
181 Amalngaid 'the impatient one'? proper_noun i masc. *am-long-i̯ati-?
182 ambō both
183 amnis stream, rivulet, current
184 amoenus delightful, pleasant to look at
185 amplus large, abundant, ample
186 amrae wonderful, marvellous, extraordinary ; wonderful, marvelous, extraordinary adjective i̯o/i̯ā *an-φrāu̯-i̯o/i̯ā- ; amrae
187 an- negative: non-, un- ; from + words denoting points on the compass, and words denoting location generally particle_prefix *an < *n ; an-
188 án 2 bright, brilliant, glorious ; fiery, bright, glowing adjective o/ā *eφāno/ā-? cf. W. iawn 2 án
189 anachōrēta anchorite
190 anacul act of protecting, shielding, sparing ; act of protecting, shielding; protection; act of sparing, saving, giving quarter; quarter verbal_noun o neut. ; neut *aneg-tlo-, vn. of aingid ; vn. of aingid anacul
191 anad act of staying, stopping, remaining, resting verbal_noun u masc. *anātu-, vn. of anaid ; vn anaid (*anā-) anad
192 anaiccentae unnatural, abnormal adjective i̯o/i̯ā *an-ad-keneti̯o/i̯ā-? anaicenta
193 anaid 1 to stay, to remain, to abide, to cease verb W1 *anā- 1 anaid
194 ancharae anchorite, hermit noun nt masc. < Lat. anachōrēta but influenced by Ir. carae ancharae
195 andes from the right, from the south adverb - compound: adverbial prefix an- 1 (GOI §483) + des andess
196 andobur ? not-dark? adjective o/ā *an-duβro/ā-
197 andud act of kindling, inspiring verbal_noun u masc. *andī-tu-, vn. of andaid ; vn andaid andud
198 Anfadán 'small fury person' proper_noun o masc. *an-u̯ei̯t-agno-
199 anflaith misrule, un-kingship, tyranny noun i fem. negative prefix an- + flaith anflaith
200 anfud tempest, turbulence, fury person noun o masc. *an-u̯ei̯to- anfud