No. Sentence Translation TextID SentenceID Locus1 Textual_Notes Translation_Notes
1 Natiuitas Lugdag moccu Ochae. Birth of Lugaid moccu Óchae. 0001 S0001-1 554.01 Retrospective record; obit 609.02.
2 Pestis que uocata est in samhthrosc. A pestilence called the sámthrosc. 0001 S0001-2 554.02 recte samthrosc. See MacArthur; ''The identification of some pestilences''; 183-4.
3 Cathub mc. Ferghusa; episcopus Achid Cinn; obiit. Cathub son of Fergus; bishop of Achad Cinn; died. 0001 S0001-3 555.01 eps- should be expanded as episcopus; as in 616.01; 651.01; 659.01 etc.
4 Colman Mar mc. Diarmata quem Dubh Sloit iugulauit Colmán Mór son of Diarmait whom Dub Sloit killed. 0001 S0001-4 555.02 redupl. 558.01
5 Eclesia Bennchuir fundata est. The church of Bennchor was founded. 0001 S0001-5 555.03 eclesie corr. man. al. Hredupl. 559
7 Pelagius natione Romanus sedit annis .xi.; diebus x.uiii. Sepultus est in basilica beati Petri apostoli. Pelagius; a Roman; by birth; sat 11 years and 18 days. He was buried in the basilica of St Peter the Apostle. 0001 S0001-7 556.01
8 Mors Fergna nepotis Ibdaig regis Uloth. Death of Fergna descendant of Ibdach; king of Ulaid. 0001 S0001-8 557.01
9 Iugulatio Colmain Moir mc. Diarmata quem Dub Sloit iugulauit. The killing of Colmán Mór; son of Diarmait; by Dub Sloit. 0001 S0001-9 558.01
10 Ceana Temra la Diarmait mc. Cerbaill; & fuga ante filium Maelchon; & mors Gabrain mc. Domangairt. The Feast of Temair [held] by Diarmait son of Cerball; and the flight before Máelchú''s son; and the death of Gabrán son of Domangart. 0001 S0001-10 558.02 redupl. 560.01
11 Brendinus eclesiam i Cluain Ferta fundauit. Brénainn founded a church in Cluain Ferta. 0001 S0001-11 558.03 Brénainn recte Brendan.
12 Eclesia Benncair fundata. The church of Bennchor was founded. 0001 S0001-12 559.01
13 Feiss Temhra la Diarmaid mc. Cerbaill; & mors Gabrain mc. Domangairt. The Feast of Temair [held] by Diarmait son of Cerball; and the death of Gabrán son of Domangart. 0001 S0001-13 560.01 redupl. entry of 558.02
14 Immirge re mc. Maelchon. The migration before Máelchú''s son. 0001 S0001-14 560.02 redupl. entry of 558.02. migration recte flight.
15 Cath Cuile Dreimne. The battle of Cúil Dreimne. 0001 S0001-15 560.03
16 Bellum Cuile Dreimne for Diarmait mc. Cerbaill. Forggus & Domnall; da mc. Mc Ercae; & Ainmire mc. Setni & Nainnid m. Duach uictores erant; & Aedh m. Echach ri Conacht. Per orutiones Coluim Cille uicerunt. The battle of Cúil Dreimne; [won] over Diarmait son of Cerball. Forgus and Domnall; two sons of Mac Erca; and Ainmire son of Sétna; and Nainnid son of Daui; were victors; with Aed son of Eochu; king of Connacht. They prevailed through the prayers of Colum Cille. 0001 S0001-16 561.01 AU2 has emended H''s writing to orationes king of Connacht recte king of the Connachta.
17 Bellum Cuile Uinsen. The battle of Cúil Uinsen. 0001 S0001-17 561.03 561.02 add. marg. H1; not in R
18 Bellum Chuile Uinsen i Tebhthai for Diarmait m. Cerbaill re nAedh mc. Brendain. Diarmait fugit. The battle of Cúil Uinsen in Tethba [won] over Diarmait son of Cerball by Aed son of Brénainn. Diarmait took flight. 0001 S0001-18 562.01
19 Bellum Mona Daire. The battle of Móin Daire. 0001 S0001-19 562.02
20 Bellum Mona Daire Lothair for Cruithniu re nUib Neill in Tuaisceirt. Baetan m. Cinn co ndib Cruithnibh nodfich fri Cruithniu. Genus Eugain & Conaill mercede conducti inna Lee & Airde Eolargg. The battle of Móin Daire Lothair [won] over the Cruithin by the Uí Néill of the North. Baetán son of Cenn with two [branches] of the Cruithin(?) fight it against the Cruithin. Cenél nEógain and Cenél Conaill were hired; being given the Lee and Ard Eolarg as recompense. 0001 S0001-20 563.01 verse added in the margin by H1. over the Cruithin recte over the Cruithnitwo [branches] of the Cruithin recte two peoples of the Cruithni fights it against the [other] Cruithni.
21 Ȩdan mc. Fiachrach moritur. Aedán son of Fiachra dies. 0001 S0001-21 563.02 Aedán recte Áedán.
22 Uentus magnus factus est. A great wind-storm occurred. 0001 S0001-22 564.01
23 Mors Lasre o Daiminis. Death of Laisre from Daiminis. 0001 S0001-23 564.02 Lasre TCI taking as scribal error for Lasrén; another name of Mo Laisse.
24 Occissio Diarmato m. Cerbuill cui sucesserunt duo filii Mc. Erce; Forgus & Domnall. The slaying of Diarmait son of Cerball; and the two sons of Mac Erca; Forgus and Domnall; succeeded him. 0001 S0001-24 565.01
25 Quies Brendain Biror ut alii dicunt. Repose of Brénainn of Biror; as some say. 0001 S0001-25 565.02
26 Bellum Gabrȩ Liphi; & mors Daimin Daim Airgit. The battle of Gabair Liphi; and the death of Daimíne Daim Airgit. 0001 S0001-26 565.03 TCI of Daimín Dam Airgit.
27 Bellum Gabrȩ Liphi. Forgus & Domnall uictores erant. The battle of Gabair Liphi. Forgus and Domnall were victors. 0001 S0001-27 566.01
28 Mors quoque Domnaill filii Muirchertaig cui successit Ainmire mc. Setni. Also the death of Domnall son of Muirchertach; to whom succeeded Ainmire son of Sétna. 0001 S0001-28 566.02
29 Iustinus Minor annis .xi.; ut Beda dicit; regnauit. Justin the Younger reigned 11 years; as Bede states. 0001 S0001-29 566.03
30 Iohannes natione Romanus sedit annis .xii.; mensibus .x.i.; diebus .xx.ui. in basilica beati Peitri apostoli sepultus est. John; a Roman by birth; sat 12 years; 11 months and 26 days; was buried in the basilica of St Peter the Apostle. 0001 S0001-30 567.01 AU2 ed. Petri
31 Fecht i nIardoman. An expedition into Iardoman. 0001 S0001-31 567.02
32 Fecht i nIardoman la Colman mBec m. nDiarmato & Conall mc. Comgaill. An expedition into Iardoman by Colmán Bec son of Diarmait; and by Conall son of Comgall. 0001 S0001-32 568.01
33 Occissio Ainmirech m. Setna la Fergus mc. Neilleni. The slaying of Ainmire son of Sétna by Fergus son of Néilléne. 0001 S0001-33 569.01
34 Iugulatio Fergusa m. Neilleni. The killing of Fergus son of Néilléne. 0001 S0001-34 570.01
35 Oena; abb Cluana M. Nois; & Itȩ Cluana dormierunt. Aenu; abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis; and Ite of Cluain; fell asleep. 0001 S0001-35 570.02 Ite of Cluain [Credail].
36 Gillas obiit. Gildas died. 0001 S0001-36 570.03
37 A morte Patricii .c. anni. From the death of Patrick 100 years. 0001 S0001-37 571.01
38 Occisio da oea Muiredaigh; .i. Boetán mc. Muirchertaigh & Echaid mc. Domnaill; tertio anno regni sui. Cronan m. Tigernaigh; ri Ciannachtae occisor eorum erat. The slaying of two descendants of Muiredach i.e. Baetán son of Muirchertach and Echaid son of Domnall; in the third year of their reign. Crónán son of Tigernach; king of the Ciannachta; was their slayer. 0001 S0001-38 572.01 king of the Ciannachta recte king of the Ciannacht (Glinne Geimin).
39 Moenu; episcopus Cluana Ferta Brenaind; quieuit. Maenu; bishop of Cluain Ferta Brénainn; rested. 0001 S0001-39 572.02 Moenu =M''Oenu
40 Mors Demain mc. Cairill. Death of Demán son of Cairell. 0001 S0001-40 572.03
41 Bellum Feimhin in quo uictus est Colman Modicus filius Diarmado; & ipse euasit. The battle of Feimen; in which Colmán Bec the son of Diarmait was defeated; but he escaped. 0001 S0001-41 573.01
42 Bellum Tola & Fertola in regionibus Cruitne. The battle of Tola and Fertola in the territories of the Cruithin. 0001 S0001-42 574.01 Fertola perhaps Fortola the Cruithin recte the Cruithni.
43 Mors Conaill m. Comghaill anno regni .xui. sui qui obtulit insolam Iae Columbe Cille. Death in the sixteenth year of his reign of Conall son of Comgall who granted the island of Ia to Colum Cille. 0001 S0001-43 574.02 Ia recte Í.
44 Magna con[uen]tio Droma Cȩta; in qua erant Colum Cille ocus Aedh mc. Ainmirech. The great convention of Druim Ceta at which were present Colum Cille and Aed son of Ainmire. 0001 S0001-44 575.01 This date may be wrong for the convention of Druim Cetta; which may have happened in c. 590; see Sharpe Adomnán: Life of St. Columba; 312-4; Meckler Peritia 11.44-52.
45 Bellum Telocho i Ciunn Tire. The battle of Teloch in Cenn Tíre. 0001 S0001-45 576.01
46 Scintilla leprȩ & habundantia nucum inaudita. A spark of leprosy and an unheard of abundance of nuts. 0001 S0001-46 576.02 Woods Peritia 17-18. 495-502 suggests the second half is referring to the Bubonic Plague: ???
47 In quo cecidit Duncath m. Conaill m. Comgaill; & alii multi de sociis filiorum Gabrain ceciderunt. In which fell Dúnchadh son of Conall son of Comgall and many others of the followers of Gabrán''s sons fell. 0001 S0001-47 576.03 This entry is continuing 576.01.
48 Mors Brendain mc. Briuin. Death of Brénainn son of Brión. 0001 S0001-48 576.04 Brénainn recte Brendan.
49 Bellum Telocho. The battle of Teloch. 0001 S0001-49 577.01 aut delocho H.
50 Initium regni Tiberii Constantini; qui reghnauit annis .uii. Beginning of the reign of Tiberius Constantinus; who reigned 7 years. 0001 S0001-50 577.02
51 Quies Brendain Clona Ferta. Repose of Brénainn of Cluain Ferta. 0001 S0001-51 577.03 Brénainn recte Bredan.
52 Iugulatio Aedha mc. Echach Tirimcarna; la hUi Briuin. The killing of Aed son of Eochu Tirmcharna by the Uí Briúin. 0001 S0001-52 577.04
53 Primum periculum Uloth in Eufania. The first expedition of the Ulaid to Man(?). 0001 S0001-53 577.05 Eufania cf. 578.02 Eumania.TCI ii. 3-4: ''''Apparently the Isle of Man''.periculum TCI ii. 4: ''the meaning seems not to be the usual "danger" but something like "risky expedition".''
54 Quies espuic Eitchen Cluana Fota Boetan. Repose of bishop Eitchen of Cluain Fata Baetáin. 0001 S0001-54 578.01
55 Reuersio Uloth de Eumania. The return of the Ulaid from Man(?). 0001 S0001-55 578.02 Eumania cf. note under 577.05.
56 Feidilmidh; abb Ard Macha; quieuit. Feidlimid; abbot of Ard Macha; rested. 0001 S0001-56 578.03
57 Quies Uinniani episcopi; m. nepotis Fiatach. Repose of bishop Finnian moccu Fiatach. 0001 S0001-57 579.01
58 Benedictus natione Romanus sedit annis .iiii.; mense .i.; diebus xxix.; & sepultus est in basilica beati Petri apsotoli. Benedict; a Roman by birth; sat 4 years; 1 month and 29 days; and was buried in the basilica of St Peter the Apostle. 0001 S0001-58 579.02
59 Occisio Aedha mc. Geno; & mors Brudighi regis Nepotum Failgi. The killing of Áed son of Giun(?); and the death of Bruidge; king of Uí Fhailge. 0001 S0001-59 579.03
60 Bellum Droma Mc. Erce ubi Colggu filius Domnaill filii Muirchertaigh cecidit. Aedh mc. Ainmirech uictor exstetit. The battle of Druim Meic Erce in which Colgu son of Domnall son of Muirchertach fell. Aed son of Ainmire emerged victor. 0001 S0001-60 580.01
61 Fecht Orc la hAedhan mc. Gabrain. The expedition to [Innsi] Orc by Aedán son of Gabrán. 0001 S0001-61 580.02
62 Cennalath; rex Pictorum; moritur. Cennalath; king of the Picts; dies. 0001 S0001-62 580.03
63 Bellum Droma M. Ercȩ. The battle of Druim Meic Erca. 0001 S0001-63 581.01 redupl. in 580.01.
64 Mors Baetain m. Cairill. The death of Baetán son of Cairell. 0001 S0001-64 581.02
65 Fecht Orc. The expedition to [Innsi] Orc. 0001 S0001-65 581.03 redupl. in 580.02.
66 Bellum Manonn in quo uictor erat Aedhan mc. Gabrain. The battle of Manu; in which Aedán son of Gabrán was victor. 0001 S0001-66 582.01 redupl. in 583.03.
67 Mors Fergna mc. Caiblene. Death of Fergna son of Caibléne. 0001 S0001-67 582.02 redupl in 583.04.
68 Mors Feradhaigh m. Duach regis Osraighi. Death of Feradach son of Daui; king of Osraige. 0001 S0001-68 583.01 redupl. in 584.03.
69 Pelagius natione Romanus sedit annis .x.; mensibus .ii.; diebus .x. Pelagius; a Roman by birth; sat 10 years; 2 months and 10 days. 0001 S0001-69 583.02
70 Bellum Manand fri Aedhan. The battle of Manu [won] by Aedán. 0001 S0001-70 583.03 redupl. in 582.01
71 Mors Fergna m. Caibleine. Death of Fergna son of Caibléne. 0001 S0001-71 583.04 redupl. in 582.02
72 Quies Fergusso espuic Droma Lethglaise; qui fundauit Cill Biein. Repose of Fergus; bishop of Druim Lethglaise; who founded Cell Biain. 0001 S0001-72 584.01
73 Mauricius annis .xxi. regnauit ut Beda & Isiodorus dicunt. Mauritius reigned 21 years; as Bede and Isidore state. 0001 S0001-73 584.02
74 Mors Bruide mc. Maelcon regis Pictorum; & mors Feradhaigh m. Duach regis Osrige. Death of Bruide son of Maelchú; king of the Picts; and death of Feradach son of Daui; king of Osraige. 0001 S0001-74 584.03 redupl. in 583.01
75 Quies M. Nisse; abb Cluana Moccu Nois; .xuii. anno. Repose of Mac Nisi; abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis; in the 17th year [of his abbacy?]. 0001 S0001-75 585.01
76 Mors Aedha Suibne regis Moenmaighi. Death of Aed [son of] Suibne; king of Maenmag. 0001 S0001-76 585.02
77 Occisio Baetain m. Ninnedho filii Duach filii Conaill Gulban; regis Temro. Cummaene m. Colmain & Cummaene m. Libraen filii Illannon m. Cerbaill occiderunt eum consilio Colmain; .i. oc Leim ind Eich. The killing of Baetán son of Ninnid son of Daui son of Conall of Gulbu; king of Temair. Cuiméne Son of Colmán and Cuiméne son of Librén son of Illand son of Cerball; killed him at the instigation of Colmán; i.e. at Léim ind Eich. 0001 S0001-77 586.01
78 Bellum Doæthe in quo cecidit Colman Bec mc. Diarmato. Aedh m. Ainmirech uictor erat. The battle of Doaethe(?) in which Colmán Bec son of Diarmait fell. Aed son of Ainmire was victor. 0001 S0001-78 587.01 TCI ''battle of Belach Daithe''.
79 Daigh m. Cairill obiit; & in quo cecidit Libraen m. Illanndon. Daig son of Cairell died; and in this Librén son of Illand fell. 0001 S0001-79 587.02 TCI: ''The obit of Librén son of Illand is placed after 587.2 in AU; it may derive from a marginal note''.
80 Quies Cairlaen espoic Ard Macha. Repose of Cairlén; bishop of Ard Macha. 0001 S0001-80 588.01
81 Quies Senaic espoic Cluana Iraird. Repose of Senach; bishop of Cluain Iraird. 0001 S0001-81 588.02
82 Mors nepotum Geno. Death of the grandsons of Giun(?). 0001 S0001-82 588.03
83 Conuersio Constantini ad Dominum; & nix magna; & iugulatio Aedha Nigri. The conversion of Constantine to the Lord; and a great snowfall; and the slaying of Áed Dub. 0001 S0001-83 588.04 The slaying of Áed Dub may belong to a different entry.
84 Quies espoic Aedha filii Bricc. Repose of bishop Aed son of Brec. 0001 S0001-84 589.01
85 Aedh m. Brendain; rex Tethba; mortuus est. Aed son of Brénainn; king of Tethba; died. 0001 S0001-85 589.02
86 Eodemque tempore ȩstas torrida & sicca contigit. And in the same time there occurred a very hot and dry summer. 0001 S0001-86 589.03
87 Mors Feidelmthie m. Tigernaigh regis Muman. Death of Feidlimid son of Tigernach; king of Mumu. 0001 S0001-87 590.01
88 Bellum Leithreid la Aedhan m. Gabran. The battle of Lethreid [won] by Aedán son of Gabrán. 0001 S0001-88 590.02
89 Bellum Maighi Ochtair re mBrannubh m. Echach for Uu Neill. The battle of Mag Ochtair [won] by Brandub son of Eochu over the Uí Néill. 0001 S0001-89 590.03
90 Difectio solis; .i. mane tenebrosum. An eclipse of the sun; i.e. a dark morning. 0001 S0001-90 591.01
91 Obitus Lugide Lis Moer. Death of Lugaid of Les Mór. 0001 S0001-91 592.01
92 Natiuitas Cumeni Longi. Birth of Cuiméne Fata. 0001 S0001-92 592.02 Retrospective record; excluded from Collection.
93 Matutina tenebrosa A dark morning. 0001 S0001-93 592.03
94 Mors Aengusa m. Amalngado. Death of Aengus son of Amalngaid. 0001 S0001-94 593.01
95 Gregorius natione Romanus ex patre Gordiano sedit annis .xiii.; mensibus .ui.; diebus .x. Fuit tempore Mauricii; & sepultus est in basilica beati Petri apsotoli ante secratarium. Gregory; a Roman by birth; whose father was Gordian; sat 13 years; 6 months; 10 days. He was [Pope] in the time of Mauricius; and he was buried in the basilica of St Peter the Apostle in front of the sacristy. 0001 S0001-95 593.02 He was [Pope] recte he lived
96 Bellum Gerrtide; ri Cianachtae; oc Eudonn Mor romebaid. Fiachna m. Baetan uictor erat. The battle of Gerrthide; king of Ciannachta. At Éudann Mór it was won. Fiachna son of Baetán was victor. 0001 S0001-96 594.01 Ciannachta recte the Ciannacht (of Brega).
97 Quies Coluim Cille .u. Id. Iuini anno etatis sue .lxx.ui. Repose of Colum Cille on the fifth of the Ides of June in the 76th year of his age. 0001 S0001-97 595.01 The date given belongs to AD 597.
98 Mors Eugain m. Gabrain. Death of Eógan son of Gabrán. 0001 S0001-98 595.02
99 Bellum Ratho in Druadh. The battle of Ráith in Druad. 0001 S0001-99 596.01
100 Bellum Aird Sendaim. The battle of Ard Sendaim. 0001 S0001-100 596.02
101 Iugulatio filiorum Aedain; .i. Brain & Domangairt. The slaying of Aedán''s sons i.e. Bran and Domangart. 0001 S0001-101 596.03
102 Bellum Corainn. The battle of Corann. 0001 S0001-102 596.04
103 Occisio Cumascaigh m. Aedho la Brannubh m. nEchach i nDun Buchat. The killing of Cumascach son of Áed; by Brandub son of Eochu; in Dún Buchat. 0001 S0001-103 597.01
104 Bellum Montis Cuae in regionibus Mumen ubi Fiachna mc. Baetain uictor erat. The battle of Sliab Cua in the territories of Mumu; in which Fiachna son of Baetán was victor. 0001 S0001-104 597.02
105 Mors Tibraitti filii Calggaig. Death of Tipraite son of Calgach. 0001 S0001-105 597.03 galgaig corr. H
106 Quies Baeitheni; abb Iae. Repose of Baethéne; abbot of Ia. 0001 S0001-106 598.01 Ia recte Í.
107 Occisio Duin Bolg ubi cecidit Aedh m. Ainmirech la Brandubh m. Echach & Bȩcc m. Cuanach; rex Nepotum Mc. Uais. The killing of Dún Bolg; in which fell Aed son of Ainmire; by Brandub son of Eochu; and Béc son of Cuanu; king of the Uí Meic Uais. 0001 S0001-107 598.02 TCI p.119 n.5: Uí Meic Uais perhaps originally Uí Moccu Uais. See Early Christian Ireland; 514.
108 Eocho; abb Aird Macha; quieuit. Eochu; abbot of Ard Macha; rested. 0001 S0001-108 598.03
109 Ailither; ab Clono M. Nois; pausat. Ailither; abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis; rests. 0001 S0001-109 599.01
110 Quies Cainnigh Macaidh Bó; ut Cuana docet. Repose of Cainnech of Achad Bó; as Cuanu states. 0001 S0001-110 599.02 macaidh H ed. recte Acaidh.Book of Cuanu entries; excluded from collection.
111 Quies Cainnigh sancti; & bellum Saxonum in quo uictus est Aedan. Repose of St Cainnech; and the battle of the Saxons in which Aedán was vanquished. 0001 S0001-111 600.01
112 Iugulatio Suibne m. Colmaen Moer la hAedh Slane i mBri Dam for Suaniu; .i. riuulus. The slaying of Suibne son of Colmán Mór by Aed Sláine in Brí Dam in the Suaine; i.e. a stream. 0001 S0001-112 600.02
113 Terremotus i mBairchiu. An earthquake in Bairche. 0001 S0001-113 601.01
114 Mors Brendain m. Coirpri Feicheni. Death of Brénainn son of Cairpre [son of] Feichéne. 0001 S0001-114 601.02
115 Sic inueni in Libro Cuanach. Bellum Slenne & bellum Cule Coil; & pausa Comghaill & mors Oddach m. Aedha in isto anno perfecta esse. Thus I have found in the book of Cuanu: The battle of Slemain and the battle of Cúil Caíl; and the repose of Comgall; and the death of Uatu son of Aed happened this year. 0001 S0001-115 601.03 perfecta esse ?Hrecord from Book of Cuanu; redupl. of 602
116 Quies Comghaill Bennchair. Repose of Comgall of Bennchor. 0001 S0001-116 602.01
117 Bellum Slennȩ in quo Colman Rimidh; rex Generis Eugain; uictor erat; & Conall Cuu m. Aedho m. Ainmirech fugitiuus The battle of Slemain in which Colmán Rímid; king of Cenél nÉogain; was victor; and Conall Cú; son of Aed son of Ainmire; took flight. 0001 S0001-117 602.02
118 Bellum Cule Coil in quo Fiachna m. Demain fuigit. Fiachna m. Baetan uictor erat. The battle of Cúil Caíl in which Fiachna son of Demán took flight. Fiachna son of Báetán was victor. 0001 S0001-118 602.03 fuigit H ed. recte fugit.
119 Mors hUatach m. Aedho. Death of Uatu son of Aed. 0001 S0001-119 602.04
120 Bellum Echrois. The battle of Echros. 0001 S0001-120 602.05 redupl. 603.02
121 Quies Finntain filii nepotis Ecdach. Repose of Finntan moccu Echdach. 0001 S0001-121 603.01
122 Bellum Echrois i mMuiruisc inter Genus Coirpri & Nepotes Fiachrach Muirsce. Mael Cothaid; rex Nepotum Fiachrach; in fugam euersus est. The battle of Echros in Muiresc between Cenél Cairpri and Uí Fhiachrach Muirsce. Mael Cothaid; king of Uí Fhiachrach; was put to flight. 0001 S0001-122 603.02
123 Omnia quae scripta sunt in anno subsequente; inueni in Libro Cuanach in isto esse perfecta. Everything that has been set down under the following year I have found in the Book of Cuanu to have taken place in this. 0001 S0001-123 603.03 Record from the Book of Cuanu; excluded from collection.
124 Sinell episcopus Campi Bili. Sinell; bishop of Mag Bili; [rested]. 0001 S0001-124 603.04
125 Iugulatio Colmain Rimedho a uiro de genere suo. The slaying of Colmán Rímid by a man of his own kindred. 0001 S0001-125 604.01
126 Iugulatio Aedho Slane o Chonall m. Suibne qui regnauerunt Temoriam ȩquali potestate simul. The slaying of Aed Sláine by Conall son of Suibne. They reigned together with equal power at Temair. 0001 S0001-126 604.02
127 Iugulatio Aedho Roin; rex Nepotum Failgi i Faethgi m. Meccnaen eodem die quo iugulatus est Aedh Slane. The slaying of Aed Rón; king of Uí Failge; in Faithche Meic Meccnaen on the same day on which Áed Sláine was slain. 0001 S0001-127 604.03
128 Aed Buidi; rí Ceniul Maeni. Aed Buide; king of Cenél Maine; [died]. 0001 S0001-128 604.04 TCI does not regards this as a separate entry.
129 Mors Chonaill Chuu m. Aedha m. Ainmirech. Death of Conall Cú; son of Áed son of Ainmire. 0001 S0001-129 604.05
130 Cuu Cen Mathair mortui sunt. Cú cen Máthair died. 0001 S0001-130 604.06 retrospective record? excluded from Collection? TCI i 123 n. 5: ''died'' recte ''was born''; cf. AT natus est; since his obit is correctly given at 665.04; and the Latin here is ungrammatical.
131 Bellum Slaebhre in quo uictus est Brandubh. Nepotes Neill uictores erant. The battle of Slaebre in which Brandub was vanquished. The Uí Néill were the victors. 0001 S0001-131 605.01
132 Iugulatio Branduibh regis Laegen a genere suo per dolum. The slaying of Brandub; king of Laigin; by his own kindred in treachery. 0001 S0001-132 605.02 TCI includes further infomation from other annals.
133 Foccas annis .uii. regnauit. Foccas reigned 7 years. 0001 S0001-133 605.03 i.e. Phocas.CS and AT agree with Bede and Isidore that he reinged for 8 years.
134 Obitus Laisrȩn abbatis Iae. Death of Laisrén; abbot of Ía. 0001 S0001-134 605.04 Ía recte Í.
135 Quies Beugnai abbatis Bennchoir. Repose of Beóguin; abbot of Bennchor. 0001 S0001-135 606.01 Beóguin recte Beugnae.
136 Mors Aedhain m. Gabrain & iugulatio filiorum Baetan .i. m. Cairill. Death of Aedán son of Gabrán; and the slaying of the sons of Baetán i.e. son of Cairell. 0001 S0001-136 606.02
137 Secundo anno Foccę Gregorius Papa migrauit ad Dominum. Bonifatio statuiit sedem Romanę & Apostolicę Aeclesię caput esse omnium eclesiarum; quia eclesia Constantinopolitana primum se omnium eclesiarum scribebat. In the second year of Foccas Pope Gregory went to the Lord. [At the request of] Boniface; he decreed the See of Rome and of the Apostolic Church to be head of all churches; because the Church of Constantinople was wont to describe itself as the premier church. 0001 S0001-137 606.03 statuiit second i deleted H.scribebat add. punctum delens beneath. H.
138 Mors Fiachrach Craich m. Baetain la Cruithniu & quies Aedach m. Daill. Death of Fiachna Crach son of Baetán; by the Cruithin; and repose of Aed son of Dall. 0001 S0001-138 608.01 ''by the Cruithin'' recte by the Cruithni''Aed'' TCI i.125 n.4: ''gen. sg. Aedach; AU; AT; Echdach; CS. It is uncertain what is the correct form of the nominative''.
139 Sabunianus natione Tuscus sedem anno .i.; mensi[bus] .u.; diebus .ix. sepultus est in basilica Petri. Sabinian; a Tuscan by birth; [occupied] the See [of Peter] 1 year; 5 months; 9 days; he was buried in the basilica of Peter. 0001 S0001-139 608.02
140 Occisio Sechnusaigh m. Garbain; & mors Conaill m. Daimeni & quies Lugdach moccu Ochae. The killing of Sechnusach son of Garbán and the death of Conall son of Daiméne; and the repose of Lugaid moccu Óchae. 0001 S0001-140 609.01 Perhaps at this point 554.01 was added.
141 Mors Aedho m. Colggen regis na nAirther. Death of Aed son of Colgu; king of Ind Airthir. 0001 S0001-141 610.01 ''Ind Airthir'' recte the Airthir
142 Mors Sillani moccu mMinn abbatis Bennchoir; & mors Aedain ancoritae Bennchoir; & mors Maele hUmai m. Baetain. Death of Sillán moccu Minn; abbot of Bennchor; and the death of Aedán; anchorite of Bennchor; and the death of Mael Umai son of Baetán. 0001 S0001-142 610.02
143 Senach abb Aird Macha; quieuit. Senach; abbot of Ard Macha; rested. 0001 S0001-143 610.03
144 Finis Cronici Iusebii. End of the chronicle of Eusebius. 0001 S0001-144 610.04
145 Fulminatus est exercitus Uloth i mBairchiu fulmine terribili. The army of the Ulaid was struck by terrible thunder in Bairche. 0001 S0001-145 611.01 im̄ Bairchiu H
146 Mors Maeile Duin m. Aleni regis Mogdornȩ; & mors Eugain m. Ecach Laibh. Death of Mael Dúin son of Ailéne; king of Mugdorna; and death of Eógan son of Eochu Laib. 0001 S0001-146 611.02 Eochu Laib recte Echaid Láeb; see TCI I 127; n.1 (where it is spelled Laíb).
147 Quies Colmain Elo. Sic est in Libro Cuanach. Repose of Colmán of [Lann] Ela. Thus in the Book of Cuanu. 0001 S0001-147 611.03 Record from the Book of Cuanu; excluded from collection.
148 Aedh Roin & Aedh Laighen. Aed Rón and Aed Laigen [died]. 0001 S0001-148 611.04
149 Mors Aedho Alddain filii Domnaill; regis Temro. Death of Aed Allán son of Domnall; king of Temair. 0001 S0001-149 612.01
150 Bellum Odbae re nOengus m. Colmain in quo cecidit Conall Laegh Bregh filius Aedho Slane. The battle of Odba; [won] by Aengus son of Colmán; in which fell Conall Laeg Breg son of Aed Sláine. 0001 S0001-150 612.02
151 Quies Finntain Oentraibh abbatis Benncoir. Repose of Finntan of Aentrab; abbot of Bennchor. 0001 S0001-151 613.01
152 Mors Colmain Uath. Death of Colmán Uathach. 0001 S0001-152 613.02
153 Bellum Caire Legion ubi sancti occisi sunt & cecidit Solon m. Conaen; rex Britanorum. The battle of Caer Legion; in which holy men were slain; and Solon son of Conaen; king of the Britons fell. 0001 S0001-153 613.03 Conaen recte Conan; i.e. Selyf ap Cynan.
154 Eraclius annis .xx.ui. regnat. Heraclius reigns 26 years. 0001 S0001-154 613.04
155 Tolfa Fota; abb Cluana Moccu Nois; pausat. To-Lua the Tall; abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis; rests. 0001 S0001-155 614.01
156 Stella uisa est hora .uiii.a diei. A star was seen at the eighth hour of day. 0001 S0001-156 614.02
157 Iugulatio Maeli Cobo m. Aedho in bello Montis Tueth. Suibni Menn uictor erat. The slaying of Mael Coba son of Áed in the battle of Sliab Tuath. Suibne Menn was victor. 0001 S0001-157 615.01
158 Quies Diarmato tertii abbatis Cluana Iraird. Repose of Diarmait; third abbot of Cluain Iraird. 0001 S0001-158 615.02
159 Bellum Fidnaighi eilegg ínriaddai. The battle of Fidnach eilech in riaddai (?). 0001 S0001-159 615.03 in riaddai (?) recte in [Dál] Riata
160 Coeman Brecc quiéuit. Caemán the Speckled rested. 0001 S0001-160 615.04
161 Mors Suibne m. Craecheni regis Cianachtae Glinne Gaimhin; & mors Aedhain m. Mongain regis Dal Riatai ɫ Araide & mors Petrain episcopi Luscan. Death of Suibne son of Crechéne; king of Ciannachta Glinne Geimin; and death of Aedán son of Mongán; king of Dál Riata or nAraide and death of Petrán bishop of Lusca. 0001 S0001-161 616.01 ɫ Araide inserted by H above line.
162 Eo Aedh & Critan Aréní obierunt. In the [same year?] Aed and Critán of Airéne died. 0001 S0001-162 616.02
163 Combustio Benncoir. The burning of Bennchor. 0001 S0001-163 616.03
164 Combustio martirum Ega & occisio Torchȩ; & loscadh Condiri. The burning of the martyrs of Aig and the slaughter of Torach and the burning of Condaire. 0001 S0001-164 617.01 Aig better Eig.
165 Usque hunc annum scripsit Isiodorus Cronicon suum; ita dicens: Eraclius dehinc quintum annum agit imperii; hoc est anno quinto imperii Eraclii & quarto relegio[si]ssimi principis Sesibuti; sunt ab exordio mundi anni usque ad Eraclii annum praesentem; hoc est quintum; .um.dcccxiiii. Isidore wrote his chronicle down to this year; ending thus: Heraclius then completed the fifth year of his imperial reign; this being in the fifth year of the emperor Heraclius and in the fourth of the most religious prince Sesibutus. From the beginning of the world to the present year of Heraclius i.e. the fifth; there are 5814 years. 0001 S0001-165 617.02
166 Int immairecc i nEiliunn in die pascha. The conflict in Eilenn(?) on Easter Day. 0001 S0001-166 618.01
167 Iugulatio Colggen m. Suibni; & mors Fiachrach m. Conaill; & iugulatio Fergusa filii Colmain Magni. The slaying of Colgu son of Suibne and the death of Fiachra son of Conall and the slaying of Fergus son of Colmán Mór. 0001 S0001-167 618.02
168 Liber abbas Achaid Bo Cainnigh. Liber; abbot of Achad Bó Cainnig [rested]. 0001 S0001-168 619.01
169 Mors Sillani abbatis Campi Bili. Death of Sillán; abbot of Mag Bili. 0001 S0001-169 619.02
170 Mors Aedho Bennain & Fingin m. Fhiachrach. Death of Aed Bennán and of Fíngein son of Fiachra. 0001 S0001-170 619.03
171 Occisio Geniris Baetain; .i. Ailealla m. Baetain & Maele Duin m. Fergusa m. Baetain; & mors Fiachrach m. Ciarain filii Ainmerech m. Setni. The slaying of the kindred of Baetán i.e. of Ailill son of Baetán and of Mael Dúin son of Fergus son of Baetan; and the death of Fiachra son of Ciarán son of Ainmire son of Sétna. 0001 S0001-171 620.01 .i. i mMaigh Slecht i crich Conacht written above Occisio by H; not in R.
172 Senach Garbh; abbas Cluana Ferta; moritur. Senach Garb; abbot of Cluain Ferta; dies. 0001 S0001-172 621.01
173 Iugulatio Aengusa mc. Colmain Maghni; .i. regis Nepotum Neill. The killing of Aengus son of Colmán Mór i.e. king of the Uí Néill. 0001 S0001-173 621.02
174 Duncath m. Eugain; Nechtan m. Canonn; & Aedh obierunt. Dúnchad son of Eógan; Nechtan son of Canu; and Áed died. 0001 S0001-174 621.03
175 Bellum Cind Deilggden. Conall m. Suibne uictor erat; .ii. filii Librain m. Illandon m. Cerbaill ceciderunt. The battle of Cenn Deilgthen. Conall son of Suibne was victor; two sons of Librén; son of Illand son of Cerball; fell. 0001 S0001-175 622.01 Librén recte Librán.
176 Conaing m. Aedain dimersus est. Conaing son of Aedán was drowned. 0001 S0001-176 622.02 verse added by H in lower margin
177 Mors Maile Mbracho m. Rimedo m. Colmain filii Cobthaigh & Ailello m. Cellaigh. Death of Mael Mracho son of Rímid son of Colmán son of Cobthach; and of Ailill son of Cellach. 0001 S0001-177 622.03 MS Rimedo m. Colmain; AU2 corrects to Rimedo & Colmain son of Rímid son of Colmán recte son of Rímid and Colmán.
178 Bellum Lindais. The battle of Lindas. 0001 S0001-178 622.04
179 Quies Coemgin Glinne Da Locha. Repose of Caemgein of Glenn dá Locha. 0001 S0001-179 622.05
180 Bellum Cenbuigi in quo cecidit Colman mc. Cobthaigh. The battle of Cennbag; in which Colmán son of Cobthach fell. 0001 S0001-180 622.06 Cennbag recte Cennbuige?
181 Iugulatio Ailello mc. Ceallaig. The killing of Ailill son of Cellach. 0001 S0001-181 622.07
182 Mors Colggen m. Ceallaigh. The death of Colgu son of Cellach. 0001 S0001-182 622.08
183 Obitus Fergnai abbatis Iae. Death of Fergna; abbot of Í. 0001 S0001-183 623.01
184 Quies M. Lasre abbatis Ard Machae; & Uinei abbatis Neir. Repose of Mac Laisre; abbot of Ard Macha; and of Finnia; abbot of Ner. 0001 S0001-184 623.02 Ard add. interlin. by H Finnia the text gives Uine; which is probably a Pictish name.
185 Expugnatio Ratho Guali la Fiachna m. Baetain. The storming of Ráith Guala by Fiachna son of Baetán. 0001 S0001-185 623.03 verse added in upper margin by H.
186 Mors Ronain mc. Colmain; & Colman Stellaen obiit; & iugulatio Dhoir m. Aedho Alddain. Death of Rónán; son of Colmán; and Colmán of Stiallán died; and the killing of Dor; son of Áed Allán. 0001 S0001-186 624.01
187 Natiuitas Adomnani abbatis Iae. Births of Adamnán; abbot of Í. 0001 S0001-187 624.02 Iae added by H on marginretrospective record; excluded from collection.
188 Annus tenebrosus. A dark year. 0001 S0001-188 625.01
189 Aedhan m. Cumuscaigh & Colman m. Comgellain ad Dominum migrant; & Ronan m. Tuathail rex na nAirther; & Mongan m. Fiachae Lurgan moriuntur. Áedán son of Cumuscach and Colmán son of Comgallán migrate to the Lord; and Rónán son of Tuathal; king of Ind Airthir; and Mongán; son of Fiachna of Lurga; die. 0001 S0001-189 625.02 verse added in lower margin on next page by H.
190 Bellum Leithet Midind in quo cecidit Fiachna Lurgan. Fiachna m. Demmain uictor erat. The battle of Leithet Midind in which Fiachna of Lurga fell. Fiachna son of Demán was victor. 0001 S0001-190 626.01
191 Obsesio Boilg Luatha a Nepotibus Neill. The besieging of [Crunnmael] ‘Sack of Ashes’ by the Uí Néill. 0001 S0001-191 626.02 Boilg Luatha is likely a placename.
192 Bellum Ardda Corrand; Dal Riati uictores erant; in quo cecidit Fiachna filius Demain. The battle of Ard Corann in which fell Fiachna son of Demán: the Dál Riata were victors. 0001 S0001-192 627.01
193 Bellum Cairn Feradhaigh i Cliu; ubi Faelbhi Flann Feimin uictor erat. Guaire Aidne fugit. Conall m. Maelduibh fugit & cecidit rex Nepotum Maeni. The battle of Carn Feradaig in Cliú; in which Failbe the Red of Feimen was victor. Guaire of Aidne took flight. Conall son of Maeldub took flight; and the king of Uí Maine fell. 0001 S0001-193 627.02 verse added in lower margin by H.
194 Uisio quam uidit Furseus religiosus episcopus. The vision which the religious bishop Fursa beheld. 0001 S0001-194 627.03
195 Bellum Boilgg Luatho in quo Faelan filius Colmain; rex Laegen; uictor erat. The battle of Bolg Luatha; in which Faelán son of Colmán; king of Laigin; was victor. 0001 S0001-195 628.01 Bolg Luatha is the epithet of Crundmael; see 626.02.
196 Bellum Both in quo Suibne Menn m. Fiachna uictor erat; & Domnall m. Aedho fugit. The battle of Both; in which Suibne Menn son of Fiachna was victor; and Domnall son of Aed took flight. 0001 S0001-196 628.02
197 Occisio Suibne Menn m. Fiachna i Taerr Breni. The slaying of Suibne Menn in Taerr Bréni. 0001 S0001-197 628.03 Taerr better Tairr
198 Pausa Columbani filii Bairddaeni abbatis Clono. Repose of Colum son of Bairdéne; abbot of Cluain. 0001 S0001-198 628.04 Colum recte Columbanus
199 Iugulatio Cummeni filii Colmain. The killing of Cuiméne son of Colmán. 0001 S0001-199 628.05
200 Uastatio Lagen la Domnall. The devastation of Laigin by Domnall. 0001 S0001-200 628.06